Charlotte Tilbury Magic Away Concealer Review

Charlotte Tilbury is a brand that I absolutely love. However not being near to a store can sometimes make me a little hesitant to purchase online. The products I have managed to pick up in store are 100% keepers in the makeup bag. Both the Magic Foundation and the Light Wonder Foundations are products that I think are fantastic - ended up with shade 3 for both foundations. Although my magic foundation is pretty much empty now. 

However you’re all here to read a review on the New Magic Away Concealer*. Concealers are products I just forget to invest in. I am literally that girl that rushes into boots a week before payday to pick up something ‘that’ll do’. So it is definitely nice to try something that hasn't been picked up in my lunch break. 
First off the packaging – all packaging from CT if fabulous, it definitely gives off 1920s vibes. There is a window to view how much of the product is left – a handy feature if you don’t mind me saying. I also love the little grooves around the …

Isle of Paradise Self-Tanning Water Review

Isle of Paradise – sounds so blissful doesn’t it? I mean a bottle that's paradise that is quite a tall order. 
Isle of Paradise tanning is a new self-tan to hit the shelves of boots and I do think it has caused a stir in the self-tan market. Firstly because it’s vegan friendly, cruelty free and organic, which I think is pretty cool. Im not aware of many brands in the self-tanning department of Boots that can claim all that… and that’s even before we get on the product itself. Secondly I have seen some people finding the end result patching/streaky, but how did I find the product? 
I decided to pick up the medium shade, god knows why. Although thankfully I can just about pull it off.  I also decided to dip my toe into the world of tanning waters as previously I have only ever used mousses and creams. 

First up, my thoughts on using a tanning water. I quite like it I have found that getting the technique is a little hard but the end result is great. You simply spray and gently rub in w…

Jo Malone | English fields

There’s nothing quite as exciting as when a beauty brand release limited editions. It’s even more exciting when brands bring out packaging that looks completely different to their normal collections. 
Jo Malone have done just that. The English fields collection is a beautiful collection of pastel toned bottles with a mix of matte and sheen textures. This is definitely a fragrance that you would want on your dressing table. 

I was lucky enough to attend a Jo Malone event in Chichester, and to try the English Fields collection. With 5 fragrances to choose from there is something for everyone. Although these scents are aimed for spring I can definitely see these being perfect for summer too! 
The 5 limited edition fragrances are all linked to the kind of blooms that you would find in a typical English field.
To start with Honey and Crocus, this cologne is a rich and comforting scent with honey, crocus and English lavender, which is also blended with almond milk. Poppy and barley is a lovely…

Mother's Day Gift Guide

After the hustle and bustle of Christmas, then the never ending January (which I swear lasted like 20 years?!) and now February; which seems to be going super fast. It’s crazy to think that Mother’s Day is only round the corner (11th March in the UK in case you’ve forgotten) with that in mind I have decided to do my first ever gift guide. I like to think that mums love a good pamper and deserve a well thought out gift.
First up is something a little luxury, after all the things that our Mums do for us they definitely deserve something a little extra special. This Clive ChristianLuxury Mother's Day Gift would be perfect for any mum out there and is something they would absolutely love and appreciate. I have also got some other gift ideas if this particular gift is a little too lavish!

Liz Earle Superskin Dry Oil and Treatment Oil | Liz Earle Body Care would make the perfect gift for a Mum, the Dry Oil is great for a busy lifestyle, and can be used daily, whilst the Treatment Oil can …

Your Basic Kit for Modern Calligraphy

About 7 months ago (ok more like 15 months ago) I decided that I wanted to do Modern Calligraphy. Having always had an interest in art, pretty fonts and the infamous bubble writing that we all did when we were 14. However I dont think you have to be 'artistic' to do this. If you have the want to do it you'll be just fine!

Recently I have been doing little calligraphy challenges. For example in December I did Christmas Lyrics and it took me ages to decide and organise this as I decided to choose what I did each day. In January I’m currently following the #createinspirepositivity Challenge, and the creators have kindly decided what I do each day. 
I post these to my Instagram daily and a few of you have commented on how you would like to do this as a hobby too. I’ve decided to throw together the basics of what you will require to start calligraphy. 

First off you will need a penholder. There are two main types of penholder; the straight penholder (above) and the Oblique pen hol…

The Body Shop Event

Last month I was kindly invited to a Body Shop Christmas event. Annoyingly I was a little late so missed the first part of the event, where The Body Shop chatted about some of the things they’ve acheived over the years. I wish I was there for that part!

However I did arrived in time to see the Christmas sets being spoken about, the body shops Christmas line this year is really fun and imagative. A lot of the boxes have games inside them and quizzes which I think is a fun twist on things.

We got time to look around the store and try the products out and the chance to smell some of the Christmas scents. Frosted plum was my favourite. There was also an amazing machine which prints out labels with your name one. 

Glossier review

I don’t normally tend to jump on the band wagon with products. Mainly because I don’t have enough money to be constantly buying new launches and secondly I don’t use things up quick enough and I hate throwing things out.
However, I needed a new cleanser and I thought if I had to pay postage on a £15.00 product I may as well buy a few things. In the end I went of the phase one kit which contained a milky jelly cleanser, priming moisturiser and a dot balm. Will Glossier live up to hype? Let’s find out.

Milky Jelly Cleanser
Out of the 3 products this is my least favourite. Although this product isn’t bad, I just don’t feel like it’s amazing. I find it quite difficult to remove. I personally prefer to use a flannel to remove cleansers and I found that using a flannel seems to take off the top layer of product. However splashing it off the face seems to dilute it, making this the best kind of way. 
You use 2-3 pumps if you’re using the product on dry skin, something which is a lot of prod…